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As the UK’s leading issue resolution service, Resolver has been asking the 4 million+ people who have used the Resolver website what else Resolver can do to help them save money.

Introducing the Non-Standard Home Insurance Comparison Tool. Resolver has partnered with Quotezone to help consumers save time and money finding the best quote for non-standard home insurance.

Most UK home insurance policies are fairly standardised, because if the property isn’t too old, isn’t a listed building, has been built using standard construction methods and isn’t located in a flood zone or on ground that is at risk of subsidence then assessing the building’s risk profile is usually relatively straightforward for insurers, meaning the whole process can be standardised.

If your home is one of those that insurers class as non-standard, though, a regular, run-of-the-mill buildings insurance or contents insurance policy might not meet your needs – you might have to take out a non-standard home insurance policy instead, and that will often mean you’ll pay more for the coverage.

Non-Standard Home insurance comparison

There are various types of non-standard home insurance available so you can price around a few competing providers to find the best quote for non-standard home insurance, providing the best policy at the right price!

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Non-Standard Home Insurance comparison tool works with multiple insurance suppliers to ensure you find you the best insurance policy for you.

Resolver can help you raise and resolve any issues you have with Non-Standard Home Insurers for free as well. We are the biggest issue resolution service in the UK. Our service is completely free and easy to use.

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